Hitty’s Breezy Afternoon


A Perfect Outfit for Hitty’s adventures When the day is fun & just a bit chilly!

hitty st pat plaid2best


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Hitty Overall Fun

The Perfect outfit for Hitty to Climb Trees, Picnic in the park, Swing high in the sky! 

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overall denim2

overalls denim

Victorian Fashion

A Lovely Cape, Blouse, Skirt, & Hat for 6 1/2″ Hitty


Victorian Fashion3

Victorian Fashion4

Victorian Fashion2

Victorian Fashion1

Victorian Fashion for Hitty PDF
Victorian Fashion for Hitty Download

Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp

A Darling BACK TO SCHOOL pattern to make a whole WARDROBE OF outfits for your BJD 5″ doll! A sweet and easy JUMPER OR SUNDRESS, with a LITTLE JACKET FOR A STYLISH LOOK- SO EASY TO MAKE!!!! PLUS THE CUTEST LITTLE SOCKS- TO MAKE THE OUTFIT PERFECT!. Very easy construction!!! My models are the AI Jun Planning BJD 5″ dolls. Models and their toys are not included. THESE ARE THE SWEETEST LITTLE DOLLS- AND SO EASY AND FAST TO SEW FOR! HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

Apple Crisp PDF
Apple Crisp PDF Download

Make a Little Matchbox bed for Hitty’s Mouse to sleep in!

mouse bed hitty mouse bed

For this sweet bed I used a real matchbox- the larger one that holds 300 matches. I found this antique matchbox with a mouse on the cover (I tried to upload it here but without success, so email me and I can send you the cover picture)

I used two wooden clothespins for the headboard. I put them on by cutting a hole through the bottom of the matchbox, so they can be removed to put the matchbox cover on.

The little mouse is a free pattern offered by Ann Wood on her blog-http://www.annwoodhandmade.com/very-nice-mice-pattern-and-instructions-and-its-free/

very easy to make and so sweet!

Vintage Hankie And Gingham Lace Tabliers Bleuette pattern!

Make beautiful tabliers for your 10″-11″ doll. Pattern includes  patterns & instructions for a  dress, a hankie Tablier & a 1920’s Tablier.

talier hankie2 tablier chicken scratch

Pattern  – Will be sent Via USPS



Seashore, Sandals & Shells! Bleuette Pattern

Pattern  – Will be sent Via USPS

Make a 1921 bathing outfit for your 10″-11″ doll.  Make sandals for a trip to the seashore plus a bathing suit, robe, cap & bag.






New Pattern for Hitty

Hitty Goes Sailing!

Hitty’s Beautiful Sailor Dress, Jacket & Hat!

Hitty Sailor

Hitty’s Goes Sailing!

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New Pattern for Hitty

bec red apron

A Traditional Breton Outfit!

Dress, Apron & Hat for a 6.25″ Wooden Doll

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New Pattern for Bleuette, Loulotte & Bambino!

double emploi collar


A very versatile pattern! A reproduction of G-L Double Emploi 1950, with a Sundress, Detached Collar, & 1953 Jacket, Vent Du Nord

double emploi collar both

 In two sizes, for Bleuette and 9″ Loulotte!

double emploi vent du nord 1953

double emploi 1950 vent du nord 1953

double emmploi lou

Make a whole wardrobe for your doll!


Double Emploi Download
Double Emploi Download

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g In The Garden

Playing in The Garden

A Sweet pattern to make lots of adorable outfits for your Tiny 6 1/2″ BJD doll.  Pattern includes a JUMPER/Sundress, a T-SHIRT
and a Crocheted CLOCHE hat!

Playing In The Garden PDF
Playing in the Garden Download


New Hitty Pattern

Regency Outfit & Spencer Jacket Pattern for Hitty!

Regency with blue & Pink

Regency Outfits

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New Bleuette Pattern

bishop delft girl with curl on topSee our Bleuette Page! 


Today’s Inspiration

Vent du Nord bambino





bunny cherrytree